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A trusted tipster just sent in these internal renders of HP / Palm’s "Topaz" webOS tablet, which is one of two tablets currently being developed in Sunnyvale. That’s right, two tablets: the 9-inch Topaz and a 7-inch model codnamed Opal — a lineup that fits nicely into Palm’s "Something big, Something small, Something beyond" tagline for its upcoming February 9th event. Looking at the render, we’re seeing the no-button design we’d previously heard about (we’re assuming the gesture area rotates with the display), a front-facing camera, a micro USB port on the bottom, and what appears to be a Vizio Tablet-style three speaker arrangement for stereo audio in both landscape and portrait modes — that’s two speakers along the left side and a third on the right. (That’s just a guess, though.) We’d also note the back appears to be a glossy material, which might rule out a giant Touchstone for charging — Touchstone backs have heretofore been soft-touch, but anything can change, we suppose.
We’re told that units will start to arrive at Palm HQ in June as production ramps up for launch later this year — a timeline backed up by an internal marketing slide we received that lists WiFi-only, AT&T 3G, and Verizon LTE versions of the Opal arriving in September 2011, and on AT&T LTE in July 2012. The slide also indicates the Opal will have a particular e-reading focus, which makes sense for a 7-inch device, and there’s a mention of "premium audio," which nicely reinforces our speaker hypothesis. Unfortunately, we don’t have any word on specs or pricing yet, but these things had better be packing some serious heat for cheap if Palm is really planning to wait until September to launch them — they’ll be going head-to-head with the Xoom, the PlayBook, and presumably the iPad 2. We’re still digging for more, so keep an eye out — things are going to get crazy leading up to February 9th.
Update: We’re told that they both have unspecified 1.2GHz processors, and that Topaz may arrive before Opal. We’ll let you know if we learn anything else.




wew!! just finished downloading AUTOCAD 2011 for mac.. and wow !! its COOL




i was bored last day and decided to give make something crazy on my newly installed Win-7 OS. Upon surfing some site i was captured by a picture of system properties from xp machine and was amazed coz the OEM logo was change.. it was a tux logo.. so i tried it for my self on my machine.. it was pretty damn easy.. just follow this steps:

a logo must be of 120×120 px.. 

open a notepad and copy this


“Logo”=”C:\\Windows\\System32\\oemlogo.bmp” <— anywhere in ur drives.. but i prefer C:\<logo.BMP>

“Manufacturer”=”<name or what so ever u like to add>”

“SupportHours”=”<hours u like>”

“SupportPhone”=”<phone number u like>”

“SupportURL”=”<your url>”

Windows 7

Julie Larson-Green, responsible for the user interface of Office 2007, and also the person behind the ribbon-like interface has been transferred to the Windows 7 team.The current release date of the Windows 7 operating system is expected to be in late 2009, early 2010, returning to the 3-year pause between desktop operating system versions that was common at Microsoft for all Windows versions prior to Windows Vista.

The most common dilema about Windows 7 right now is whether or not to use backward compatibility.VIENNA Strong rumours have suggested that the OS will be developed from scratch on top of the Windows NT kernel, given its maturity in both security and stability terms. The backward compatibility, however, is something that Microsoft developers would frown upon, since it prevents truly revolutional ideas to be implemented. Windows Vista, because of its backward compatibile, carries a large amount of code libraries with it, thus the large size of the operating system. However, many businesses that haven’t upgraded their software in a decade or more would not purchase Windows 7 if it was not compatible with their applications. As a result, the current options that Microsoft has are to either make Windows 7 backward compatible, or to maintain a legacy version of Windows in parallel, for for the business customers, one which will be kept alive by Microsoft though patches and updates.

Having with all the troubles, bugs, failures and not Stable Version of Vista a new OS is about to come from Windows, i have read some blogs, that windows will stop supporting XP soon and they have been working on with the Vista Service Pack 1, What would we expect on that new OS they’re gonna release, eye-candy of course but not as good as the Open Source OS. Vista Requires a lot resources from RAM to CPU what more can this new OS will require, but still its all part of the growing technology and IT world.

LEOPARDI did wish to try OSX but the problem is dont have enough money to buy apple computers.. they’re really expensive and not quite reasonable enough to spend a lot of money on that kind of machine (on my own opinion only). but murmurs and hacks are spreading around the net that OSX can be installed on a PC .. well that kind of news is tempting to try out.. i did tried to install OSX tiger before but got no luck.. and got a bunch or errors so i give up coz my tiny brain was really squish up in finding ways to make it work but seems to be impossible.

After few months i received and email with the news that leopard can run on a PC. Hehehehe!!! my eagerness now burst up to try again. the news claim that Leopard can be installed on a PC with just a super easy instructions that even a PC noob can do it.. and OMG it really is super simple.. here’s the process

ake sure you backup all important data before you proceed. Here are the things that you will need before Install Leopard on your PC…

  • The Patched DVD Image
  • The zip file containing the patch
  • One pen drive or USB Flash Drive formatted as FAT32

Well once you have all these you can go ahead and Install Leopard..

Step 1. Getting things ready

  • Burn the DVD Image onto a Single Layer DVD-R using a software like Nero.
  • Format the USB Flash Drive and the drive label should be “Patcher” without the quotes. Please note it has to be “Patcher” only and nothing else for the patch to work when we apply it later.
  • Extract the Zip file and put its contents into the USB Flash Drive.
  • Now your USB Drive should contain a folder called “files”, if it doesn’t then check to see where you have gone wrong.

Step 2. Installing Leopard

  • Now that you have the Patched DVD with you, you can now install Leopard. Pop in the DVD into the drive and boot into it by pressing F12 at the BIOS Prompt.
  • Boot into the DVD and the installer should now load. It take a while though, so be patient.
  • Select your Language and make sure you select Customize and you need to deselect all the packages that are displayed.
  • Leopard will now install. This can take a while, so go grab yourself a coffee.
  • It will ask you to Reboot, so go ahead and Reboot. Before rebooting make sure that USB Flash Drive is connected to the PC.

Step 3. Patching Leopard

  • Now that you have got Leopard installed, you need to patch it. Before we do that Boot into the Leopard DVD like the way you did before.
  • Wait for the Darwin Bootloader to load. Once it loads up press F8. You should now see a prompt. Type -s and hit enter. The DVD will now load in Verbose mode. Watch for any errors. It should load without a problem because you have already installed Leopard.
  • Once the setup is loaded select your Language. Once done you should now be seeing the Welcome Screen. Once there navigate to Utilities-Terminal.
  • Once the terminal loads up, you now need to browse to your USB Drive, so follow the steps below, typing it exactly as it appears below in the Terminal. In the command line type the following as they appear here

    cd ..
    cd ..
    cd Volumes
    cd Patcher
    cd files

    Notice the space between cd and the 2 dots.

  • Now its the time to run the patcher to make sure Leopard will work on your PC. Type the following into the Terminal. ./9a581PostPatch.sh
  • The Patch should now run. You can answer Yes while removing the ACPUPowerManagement.kext
  • After the Script is done, you should now be able to Boot into Leopard after you restart.

Step 4. Congratulations! You’ve done the Impossible!

Well that was it. Please note this has not been extensively tested, so most of your Hardware like Sound, Network may not work. If something goes wrong for you or you want to help us, then please join the discussion over at OSX86Scene. If you noticed I haven’t posted the links to the Torrent that contains the DVD image and the zip. Well I haven’t posted them because I am sure the lawyers over at Apple are going to sue the hell out of me. If you wondering where you can find them, then head over to Demonoid and search for it.

Well here are few screenshots by Mac.nub over at the forums who could get Leopard working on his system.


Some Updates and Clarifications :

  • This Hack works on Intel PC’s with atleast SSE3
  • You need to format your Leopard Partition to HFS+
  • Make Sure you install Leopard on MBR and not GUID or it won’t boot.
  • More Patched DVD’s from Uphuck, Netkas is in the works so it would be better if you wait for the polished releases to come out.

I had read some good comments regarding this application. but i keep on ignoring and still using Virtualbox a my default virtual machine so i can run a guest OS on my Ubuntu, but after having this bad outcome from virtualbox i finally decided to try out this VMware,

At first attempt id say it was a disaster it turn out that i did something wrong. so i google out to find any guides but all those guides still leads me up messing the installation.. i was really unlucky in finding ways to install this application but i didnt lose hope that i can try this thing.. after an hour of googling i did installed the VMwar. will her are the process i did make to make things work.
sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r` xinetd
wget http://download3.vmware.com/software/vmserver/VMware-server-1.0.3-44356.tar.gz
wget http://knihovny.cvut.cz/ftp/pub/vmware/vmware-any-any-update114.tar.gz
tar -xzvf VMware-server-1.0.3-44356.tar.gz
tar -xzvf vmware-any-any-update114.tar.gz
cp vmware-any-any-update114/*.tar vmware-server-distrib/lib/modules/source/
cd vmware-server-distrib/
sudo mkdir -p /etc/vmware/ssl
sudo touch /etc/vmware/ssl/rui.key
sudo touch /etc/vmware/ssl/rui.crt
sudo ./vmware-install.pl

VMwareThe GUI of the application wasnt bad at all.. i did get along to it. coz its not far on how the virtual box look so i did start to set a new guest OS, its XP, will setting up a new virtual machine in VMware take quit long than VirtualBox and even the OS installation took a while.. but still its up and running, i wasnt expecting it to be like this coz in Virtualbox installing a guest OS is realy fast.. i did installed XP in just less than 20 mins. But the funny thing is this new windows install i had.. its new..and with funny things in it.. click the image to see….

dg834gv2.jpgi just bought a new netgear wifi router coz the router the GLOBELINES provided me really sucks, i was reluctant at first coz my choice was D-link DIR 300, with same capabilities and lower price the man from PC EXPRESS told me it will be a good one. So hoping its good so i just did spend 2200 pesos for this small gadget,

I choose a wifi router so i can connect my PSP and be able to browse with it, but seems there will be a lot of studying with this thing before a will be able to hook my psp with it.. but i have lot of time to deal with that..

I was surprise with the functionality this thing got with it.. automatic DYNDNS ip updater. that means i dont need the dyndns updater to be installed on my pc and all the hustles it gives me b4 coz im using linux now and auto update of the ip with dyndns was really hard for me. Other thing is the firewall..its like a WOW !! even though i know my system is secure since im using linux this router gives me even more security especially i love the design .. simple elegant

i will be bugging this thing so i can connect my psp. coz as of now ,.. it failed.. but i know soon i can connect it.. ill be posting the process if i can fix it..

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