July 2007

after a day of configuration and setting up my personal webhost i finally finished the site.. and our channel manager love it.. it kick ass.. lols thats what he say, if u want to see the site just click here


sa una nahan kayo ko ani kay cool kayo tan awon ba with all the sidebar effect ang nice aero theme.. glass kunohay..ako PC 2.0 gig with 1gig memory and 128 mb videocard.. pero dili pa jud tawon enough para sa vista mag cge pa jud sya ug hang lag kayo oi.. kalagot jud.. to think kusog na bya jud ni nga pc … . so decide ko balik nalang sa XP or balik nalang ko sa linux.. mas nice pa ug mga features even lisud lisud tuod ang linux pero maanad ra man ko i know man sad.. linux require less than vista.. ambot lang jud nako oi . cge lang ko ug reformat ani ako PC .. hehehe nag salik ko lols… mao ra ni ako masulti.. bleee

vista a screencapture of my new vista home premium desktop.. a bit heavy but its ok..

and its geniuneĀ ,, beat thatĀ , hehehe, but i dont recommend vista for low end pc,

i love my desktop, bu i love linux most

click image to view large pic



nothing beats the happiness of a kid who’s face is dump with melted ice cream, this kid had nothing to worry about anything but just to eat the icecream on his hand, not minding how his face look with the mess of wat he eats.. hahahaha just a pure happiness.. I WANT ICE CREAM



computer addiction: i can say im into it.. but not to the nerdy thing coz im not that type.. it just that i cant seem to live a day without a computer or cant touch a keyboard and a mouse.. my day wont be complete if i cant surf or do anything with my PC. i can say im sick..

He Never Stopped Dreaming. He was once a janitor and his resume proudly declares it. Now, this Southland Filipino-American entrepreneur is one of the most successful businessmen around.

Janitor, Metropolitan Cleaners, Cebu, 1969-73.” Thus read the last line under “Business and Employment” of the resume of Edwin N. Aroma, a low-profile Cebuano businessman now living in Van Nuys, California. Above this line is a long list of former employment and current business enterprises that range from being an auditor with the San Miguel Corp. to being president and owner of numerous agricultural, financial, and management consultancy firms. Behind this impressive employment and business history is a barrio boy’s story of success, vision, hard work, and dogged determination to achieve the goals he has set for himself. (more…)

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