ok ill make a tutorial in photoshop that is simple.. its creating a shape with glossy effect and reflection


  • create a new PSD in photoshop, u choose the pixel size, it depends on u, u can make it big or small coz the steps are still the same.
  • Create a rectangular shape using the shape toolshape.jpg. u can reduce ur radius depending on your desireradius.jpg.
  • after creating the rectangular shape u can change the color on ur color pallet on the top..
  • rasterize ur shape layerraster.jpg
  • then add some blending option.
    • gradient make the lower part darker and upper part lighter but not to much lightgradient.jpg
    • add a drop shadow make sure its 90 digress, distance to be lower 3 will do and size also.
    • now add some bevel and emboss lower the size and give a 6 soft to make it more realistic.
  • make a new layer
  • click the pen toolpen.jpg and make a shape click from the other side to the other side just outside the edge of ur previous shape dont close the shape it.. make an anchor pointanchor.jpg on the line u created so u can create a wave like effect by holding down the CRTL key and dragging the anchor point so u can create a wave effect. after creating the wave like u can now close and then rasterize the new layer
  • make ur wave shape selected then hold down the crtl and click the previous shape u create. as u will notice rectangular shape will be selected
  • now click select on the menu bar then modify.. click border make the radius smaller 3 will do and then contract 3 will do. now the selection will be contracted inside ur main shape.
  • hit crtl+shift+i to invert the selection and press delete key
  • all the image outside ur main shape will be deleted u can now add opacity to ur reflection, 26% will be a good chioce.
  • duplicate ur main shape and press crtl+t
  • on the upper portion just below the menu bar u can say W: 100 make it -100
  • then move ur duplicated shape down ur main shape just below the shadow
  • add a new layer then click the layer masklayermask.jpg
  • click the gradient tool or ur tool bar make sure is black and white in color then add gradient on ur duplicate shape ( hit shift and drag up so u can make a straight line)
  • now u can make some text to ur image and play some blending options
  • finished.png
  • thats it