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its nice to see the construction of the new coastal road in ozamiz city, after 4 years that i wasn’t able to visit my home city.. i was amazed on few things that changed… a JOB WELL DONE for the city mayor.. now i can say ” OZAMIZ is progressing City”

and also the new public city mall ( public market before )


He Never Stopped Dreaming. He was once a janitor and his resume proudly declares it. Now, this Southland Filipino-American entrepreneur is one of the most successful businessmen around.

Janitor, Metropolitan Cleaners, Cebu, 1969-73.” Thus read the last line under “Business and Employment” of the resume of Edwin N. Aroma, a low-profile Cebuano businessman now living in Van Nuys, California. Above this line is a long list of former employment and current business enterprises that range from being an auditor with the San Miguel Corp. to being president and owner of numerous agricultural, financial, and management consultancy firms. Behind this impressive employment and business history is a barrio boy’s story of success, vision, hard work, and dogged determination to achieve the goals he has set for himself. (more…)