October 2007

I did install a new linux gutsy fresh.. coz the old one i used was from beta and update.. but something went wrong wen my desktop messed up.. coz of curiosity and i did edit some code there i crash.. i just laugh at it.. its part of learning but i did have a backup of the important files that i need. now i my gusty is fresh and cool fresh as the background that i choose.. i dont know the place of it but surely its a scenic view the beauty of nature, a place were we can have a peace of mind breathing a fresh air and sea breeze. will here it is

my new fresh desktop




will thats quite a refreshing view isnt it??


I did browse and see some cool linux desktop and i did notice this simple monitoring system they got that they modified the way it look and things to be displayed as well, it ‘s the conky.

Conky is a program which can display arbitrary information (such as the date, CPU temperature from i2c, MPD info, and anything else you desire) to the root window in X11. Conky normally does this by drawing to the root window, however Conky can also be run in windowed mode (though this is not how conky was meant to be used)

So I decided to put one in my desktop and configure it the things i want it to show..

heres my conky

my Conky

to install conky just type this on the terminal

$ sudo apt-get install conky
$ zcat /usr/share/doc/conky/examples/conkyrc.sample.gz > ~/.conkyrc
try running conky by typing “conky”

to edit your conky just type
$ sudo nano ~/.conkyrc

for more info about conky click here

heres my code for the conky i made


i did make a slight modification of my ubuntu box. from grub to booting the system and login, i find it interesting to modify the way you want to system to be.. yet not using programs like windows, the eats a lot of resources and RAM, I’ve been using windows modifation with windowblinds and some other programs but they slows down my PC.. not like in linux that still its same.. your system runs the same. here a short clip i captured using my mobile phone.. ROCK ON


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Its been a while since my last post. A bit busy this past days and months, trying to figure out things in my life.. and my ISP really suck big time coz of there service..connection is really slow and frequent disconnection is what pissed me off,.. anyways so much for that.. I’ve change my OS recently due to many things that bugging around my MS Winsdows XP and VISTA, I did posted my Vista desktop before but that OS lasted a week only on my machine, VISTA for me is not yet ready and not good for a low end PC like mine, i say 1gig of RAM isn’t enough tough I’m running a 2 gig intel processor, it lags me a lot especially running applications like PHOTOSHOP and the killer “BLUE SCREEN” i realy hate it, with regards to XP i dont have any complain with the speed of my PC, its a light OS but!!! the thing is.. i cant update to new fixes they have since i’m not running a genuine copy.. of course i wont buy an OS that will cost 5K ( L O L S ), i encountered problems in XP recently, the system became slow, opening some applications take almost a minute, thats a crap, and the VIRUSES. Yeah im aware of viruses so i installed a good antivirus..(i guess i’ve tried all most well known Antivirus Programs) but im still getting viruses, its like OMG this things cant be trusted.. they sale there applications and programs for a high price yet we cant rely on the stability and security out of them. That makes me decide to install LINUX again.

Linux offers a great security to our system, its virus free, coz most viruses are made in windows, and its TOTALLY FREE, u can update every time theres new to there product, there’s a lot of linux distribution to choose from, it really depends on your taste.. I on my self choose UBUNTU, coz of its USER FRIENDLY environment, it means even though you havent tried this OS b4 you wont get lost, most people say that linux is hard to understand but i dont see it that way, yes there are some other linux that is hard and those are for the advance users and there are lots of linux that are user friendly, like UBUNTU KUBUNTU PCLINUXOS SUS MANDRIVA SABAYON this OS are really user friendly and with good desktop that amazed us.

I had tried UBUNTU 7.04 before and go back to XP coz m lazy to google out some things i dont understand. but not now.. i can say my Desktop now ROCKS here are some screen captures of my desktop with some effects and animation that only linux can do

a white with BMW background of my desktop

it really ROCKS with some applets running

just click the image to see the full size

cool effect and this is the Cube a desktop animation that only linux can do

im running a linux MINT OS under virtual box while running the cube effect

now thats a true power that only linux can.. even im running a low end PC still i can have and can run all the desktop animation that linux offers