dg834gv2.jpgi just bought a new netgear wifi router coz the router the GLOBELINES provided me really sucks, i was reluctant at first coz my choice was D-link DIR 300, with same capabilities and lower price the man from PC EXPRESS told me it will be a good one. So hoping its good so i just did spend 2200 pesos for this small gadget,

I choose a wifi router so i can connect my PSP and be able to browse with it, but seems there will be a lot of studying with this thing before a will be able to hook my psp with it.. but i have lot of time to deal with that..

I was surprise with the functionality this thing got with it.. automatic DYNDNS ip updater. that means i dont need the dyndns updater to be installed on my pc and all the hustles it gives me b4 coz im using linux now and auto update of the ip with dyndns was really hard for me. Other thing is the firewall..its like a WOW !! even though i know my system is secure since im using linux this router gives me even more security especially i love the design .. simple elegant

i will be bugging this thing so i can connect my psp. coz as of now ,.. it failed.. but i know soon i can connect it.. ill be posting the process if i can fix it..